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     Jacque Lucas realized his sculptured house, an outstanding architecture, since 1968, in the Bretagne region near Rennes. An accumulation of engravings, paintings, and sculptures, intertwined by lianas, trees and moss of the surrounding nature.

    Contemporary art, singular, folk art, "art brut", out of context, but also pointing to Abbé Fouerré, Rotheneuf, Facteur Cheval, Robert Tatin, and, even furtherback, ossuaries and wayside crosses in Kersanton, this primitive art of the XVII century in the western part of Bretagne (Finistere),

            "La Maison Sculptée" is a living work, progressing with time.

     "A mansion out of the can think of all sorts of classifications employed by those who would like to put "La Maison Sculptée" into a definitive category.
For some, its part of singular architecture, for others, its "art brut", "art naïf", illuminated sculpture."                   Jacques Lucas


photo credits : Jean-Noel Montagné ; Katherine Lapierre ; Albert Pommier
conception and creation : - 2007