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  “ The Sculpted House “ is in France, The Bretagne region, 30 km east of Rennes

From Rennes :
On the rocade, take the exit “Chateaugiron”, D463 and D234 to Janzé. -->

From Nantes :
If you come from the south, on the N137, exit at “Bain de Bretagne” to Janzé. -->

From Janzé

GPS : N 47 58.914 W 1 30.323
Phone +33(0)2 99 47 65 34

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You will actually see “The Sculpted House” only after you have taken the last little road (blue signpost) indicated on the access-map.

On découvre alors un ensemble monumental de sculptures isolées allant jusqu'à 7 mètres de hauteur, ainsi que des gravures murales appliquées sur les parois extérieures et intérieures des bâtiments.

The Site

The work spreads out over 2000m2 out of a total of 10,000m2, plant-life and stone, sculptures and plantations grow every year since 30 years ago.

Map of the site

The Archways

To the house or the garden, the archways are the doors to the unknown.

“the archways are an architecture of transition between exterior and interior, cold and warm, wet and dry. They present passages between the real and the imaginary.”   Jacques Lucas

Park and Garden

The gardens are all around the sculptured trails. In the back, near the pond, a walnut tree and huge oak trees, centuries old; to the north, ash, hornbeams, and elms.
Small bushes (hazel, raspberry cane, and dogwood), grip tightly the engravings covered by brown and green moss.

The Arch

The arch is a crossing between all the different aerial and subterranean paths.

It is a big space, sombre and fresh, serving as sculpture atelier.

The Ponds

Water is a predominant element of the architectural ensemble. Several ponds and basins (round, corners and of different shapes) are around the buildings with sculptured borders.



The Details

Birds are omnipresent in the mural motifs and the sculptures. Strange animals wait for you around an abundant and immobile menagerie.




You can pursue your visit by looking at the slide-show


images, vidéo... jacques lucas, le site     E-mail