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     On this page you find all sorts of documents which have something to do with “La Maison Sculptée”.
It is not a complete documentation and will evolve with time.



Between the “ Le Corbusier’s hut ” and “ The ideal house of Facteur Cheval “, some pages concern “ La Maison Sculptée “ .

"Maisons de l'imaginaire" of Hervé Ronné
- Editions Ouest-France -



" Set in the countryside, L'ESSART is the sculpted house on which Jacques Lucas began to work in the late 1960s. A large moon-face and a reclining nude dominate the front of the building while swirling patterns, carved in concrete, envelop every side of the ancient house".

















Interview of Jacques Lucas RTL french radio , in 1999




















A TV-documentary in which Jacques Lucas explains his approach to sculpturing.


Some young people from Rennes stayed some days in 1996 and brought back these document
Thanks to us to have been able to explain the eventual fusion between sculptures and vegetation.

A report from E. Pirlota (ATV) who interviews Jacques Lucas and his wife (in English) - November 2001-


The camera of Jean-Noel Montagné exploring the meanders of the sculptures.




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